Happy Wednesday, gaming crew! Thankfully, I’m well-rested after a lovely trip to the city of New Orleans because this week has been chock full of gaming news! Let’s dive right in and take a peek.

Hypersexualized female Ghostbusters getting updated

The first thing I think of when I hear Ghostbusters and mobile puzzle games is big breasts. Okay, maybe not. So I’m glad that the folks at Capcom and Beeline have decided to tone down the look of their female characters in the new Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter based on feedback from the community. I’m irritated that it’s 2015 and game devs haven’t figured that out on their own, but I’ll take the progress. Let’s stop the hater comments  dead in their tracks; this game looks like it’s targeted to an all-ages crowd. When you view it on Beeline’s site under puzzle games, it comes up alongside the kid-friendly games like Snoppy’s Sugar Drop and Monster’s Hospital.

Turn your home into a horror game

Game studio Novum Analytics is looking to develop a new augmented reality horror game, Night Terrors. The game is played by walking around your house at night with your smart phone and its light. I love horror movies, but I already scare myself enough in my own house, thank you very much.

GOG Galaxy interfaceA new alternative to Steam – GOG Galaxy Beta is open

The hotly anticipated DRM-free gaming platform, GOG Galaxy, is now open in beta. It’s about time that Steam has a little competition. Although I haven’t played yet, I’m as hopeful as everyone else. At the very least the interface looks pretty and a touch more functional.


Dark-Moon-Box-Top-Final-1024x962Dark Moon open for pre-order

The popular BoardGameGeek print and play game BSG Express has been reimagined and streamlined into Dark Moon. Inspired by the hidden traitor mechanics of Battlestar Gallactica, Dark Moon focuses around a deep space mining mission where part of the crew becomes infected with a mysterious virus. I love these types of games and am even more thrilled that they are targeting an hour long game play.


Disney Infinity 3.0 – Star Wars

Happy belated May the Fourth! Some days I do feel like I’m on Star Wars overload and the Disney Infinity 3.0 announcement definitely added to that feeling.

That’s all my gaming lovelies! Did I miss something monumentally grand? Feel free to post a note below. Until next week, remember to stay hydrated and game on.