Hello, gamers! Jo here, filling in for Brenda for a completely amazing week of game news. Legendary publisher Konami melts down before our eyes, and Spy Party bursts back onto our radars with a fabulous, diverse cast. Here’s the week in games news.

Konami’s Spectacular Meltdown

First, Hideo Kojima (creator of the Metal Gear franchise of games and internet personality) was rumored to be leaving. Next, Guillermo del Toro tweeted that Silent Hills, a joint effort between himself, Kojima, and the Silent Hill team, was no more. By the end of the onslaught, Konami had delisted itself from the New York Stock Exchange. Fans of PT (the Playable Trailer for Silent Hills) have until the end of today to indulge, while the rest of us figure out what happened to this company.

Batman: Arkham Knight Costs $100 Total; Breaks Hearts and Banks

Batman Arkham Knight CoverYou heard me: the latest entry in the beloved Batman action series will cost $60 base, with $40 for DLC including new enemies, maps, and skins. You can either buy this way, or the premium version to guarantee the content up-front, which costs… exactly the same. But hey, you’ll be able to play as Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman, so I guess publisher Warner Bros. Interactive knows how to get our cash.

Spy Party Announces New Characters, Diverse Cast

If you haven’t heard of Spy Party, I’m about to put a smile on your face. This indie darling features a unique versus mechanic: one player is across the street from an elegant party, waiting to snipe one of the guests. The other is inside the party, trying their best as a human player to blend in with computer-controlled NPCs. Let’s take a moment to applaud this small development group for announcing a cool cast, including a Sikh man, a set of identical twins, and a brightly-dressed Mexican billionaire.

Just Cause 3 Launches New Trailer; Spoilers: Explosions

So many explosions. Fans of bad physics simulators and sandbox action set pieces will welcome this new trailer, which features hero  Rico Rodriguez paragliding into more vehicles and more ridiculous combat situations.

That’s all for me this week! Happy gaming, everyone!