Howdy gaming gurus! Here’s hoping your week is going well. Not surprisingly, we have Star Wars game coverage, but this week we also find lady Kerbals in space, new adventures for Finn and Jake, a studio’s good faith commitment to adding free-to-play female characters, and more. So put down your controller for a minute or two and take a gander.

Female Kerbals join the Kerbal Space Program

Space! After two years in Steam Early Access, Kerbal Space Program is finally approaching full launch. The countdown to the April 27 launch is on with what appear to be daily updates to their blog.

Did you know? Star Wars Battlefront has a female senior producer

Star Wars has been the buzz word of the week and that’s no different when it comes to games. The Star Wars Battlefront game trailer dropped last week and the first developer diary video hit on Monday, so it’s flooding all my feeds. What  I didn’t realize is that super talented Sigurlína Ingvarsdóttir is the leading the DICE team on the project. It might be silly, but now I’m even more excited to see the updates and I hope she’s featured in one of the upcoming dev diaries. Fingers crossed!

Pixels mobile game announced

Pixels-Tower-DefenseI can’t tell if the Pixels movie will be good campy fun or a terrible train wreck. The premise is that pixelated video games come to Earth and attack us. Here’s an image for you: a giant glowing pixelated evil PacMan attacks the city. Now you know you want to watch the trailer. Regardless of the movie, the mobile game from Bandai Namco Entertainment may be worth a peek. The game will take heroic Arcaders from the film to defeat aliens before they destroy the world and will include PAC-MAN, Q*bert, and Frogger along with other iconic game characters from the 80s.

Temple Run 2 makes Scarlett Fox free to play after 12 year old girl’s criticism

Sixth grader Madeleine Messer’s article is already fueling change. Proving you can change the world with data, Imangi, the game studio behind Temple Run 2 has made the character Scarlett Fox a free character and aims to add more playable female characters down the road.

Adventure TIme Finn and Jake InvestigationsNew 3D game for Adventure Time fans

Little Orbit has announced a new game, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, based on the popular cartoon from Cartoon Network. Set to release in November, the game will focus on puzzles, colorful characters and having fun. What else would you expect for Finn and Jake’s next adventure?

That’s it for this week. Have something to share or want to point out something important I *gasp* missed? Feel free a comment. Until next time, happy gaming!