If you’re a fan of tabletop RPGs, then go check out Haiku Warrior. Created by Jason Anarchy, the guy behind Drinking Quest, this tabletop is told through Japanese haikus and is designed for up to four players. Even if you aren’t confident in your RPG skills just yet, the creators claim that this game is easier to play than a Dungeons and Dragons starter box, and critics have described Anarchy’s other games as a great way for newcomers to get their feet wet.

The gameplay is simpler than your typical tabletop RPG because the cards included in the game act as the Game Master. They provide quests, introduce obstacles, and guide the players through the plot. This feature also makes it possible to play this game with only one player if you so choose. Each game includes sixty cards, but a single play-through only uses between five and eight cards. This means that a well-shuffled deck will create a different game each time you play.

This project still has a couple weeks left and is over halfway to reaching its goal. The creators have lined up several stretch goals, which include guest haikus written by Jim Zub, Ryan North, and other creators. These cards would form a side quest that is separate from the game’s primary campaign. If the Kickstarter raises over $23,00 CAD they will even select haikus submitted by backers to be included in the game.

Each reward tier currently enables you to submit your own haiku. Physical copies of the game are available to backers who contribute at least $25, and backers who pledge more than $75 will receive a copy of both Haiku Warrior and Drinking Quest: Trilogy Edition.