March came in like a lamb and is certainly going out like a lion! GDC, PAX East, SXSW have made this month drip with oodles of awesome gaming sneak peeks, discussions and news. This week, we have games, with playable female characters, winning awards, teen girls beta testing games, a Tesla vs. Edison show down (see what I did with the power reference?) and more. So grab a cup of caffeine and read along.

Look at all the lady-led games on the SXSW gaming awards list!

I admit I’m pleased with their picks but also dig how many have playable female characters available, like Child of Light. Top honors goes to Dragon Age Inquisition; it you haven’t had a chance to play, I highly suggest Wendy Browne’s “Inquisition Diaries” post series.

Valve has an “F” for customer service

Valve, the company behind Steam, apparently has a review page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and it has a grade of F, seemingly due to unanswered customer service complaints. The good news is that Valve acknowledges having an issue with customer service and may be working on it.

Tesla or Edison?

If you’re a science fan, you’ve probably heard that question at least once in your life, but now you can duke it out via the board game from Artana. Even better, you can enter to win an early advance copy through their contest with BoardGameGeek.

Game Sack’s “Games with Female Protagonists”

In their recent episode, the men of Game Sack review games with female protagonists. It doesn’t feel like pandering, more a slightly off-note support in favor of having leading female characters in games. I do wish they had picked a few more recent games, or at least not started out with a game for Super Nintendo, but since they’re mainly a retro gaming channel, I’ll let it slide.

Roman Town input needed imageDig-It! Games using GRRL power to beta test Roman Town

Yes! More stories about girls, tech and gaming please! Parkland Middle School’s Girls Really, Really Love Technology (GRRL Tech) program partnered with local game studio Dig-It! to have the young women learn about video game beta testing, by actual beta testing games. Squee!