Women in games, questionable game content, loyalty rewards and graphs! We have it all in this week’s Get Your Game On Wednesday.

The Market for Computer and Video Games releases the 100 Top Women in Games

People often struggle to think of the amazing women in games. It’s reassuring to me that we have enough women in games to create a list of the 100 top. Each woman listed will be profiled in the January 30 issue of MCV. Let’s keep those numbers climbing.

Monument Valley app store Ustwo studiosSee the costs and revenue behind the iOS game Monument Valley

The dev team, build weeks, revenue, cost and more are compiled into a shiny infographic. The majority of revenue comes from iOS devices making up almost 82%.

Pregnancy by evilikkiSteam green lights Pregnancy game

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. The purpose of the game is to help a pregnant 14-year old girl navigate through her newly discovered pregnancy. The game appears to be neutral as it includes links to both pro-choice and pro-life information. I’m concerned about the idea of “forcing” the teen to lean one way or another, but I feel like the creators are trying to personalize the player’s empathy for the pregnant girl. I’m not sure that would work if you played as the pregnant girl. Plus, it makes it easier for both men and women to play if the pregnant person is someone not yourself.

Club Nintendo is being discontinued

Per their site, Nintendo is working on its new program, but surprise, no details are available as of yet. Members have until July 1,2015 to use their coins before they get deleted.

MiniOrcRiderStatueBlizzard sends gift to veteran WoW players

Dedicated players who joined early on and kept their subscriptions in tack for the past 10 years are receiving a little thank-you bonus: an orc riding a wolf statue. Granted, they’ve spent almost two grand on the game in subscription fees, but it’s always fun to get a little something extra.

HuniePop: The dating sim that needs more romance

The dating puzzle game sim has been released and it’s bringing tiny waves of controversy. From its developer ranting about an SJW’s review, to producing nudity patches to get around censorship rules to including questionable consent scenarios, it appears the game’s main flaw is that there’s not enough character growth.