Behold! This week’s Get Your Game On Wednesday holds a boon of gaming news with something for everyone! Grab a cup of your favorite refreshment and give yourself a little reading break. You deserve it!

Evolve wraith_blog_postEvolve Xbox One Open Beta starts Thursday

With a playable female team member (she’s a scientist!) and a female Wraith monster, the countdown is on to the Evolve release. The big goal of the open beta is to stress test the multiplayer servers, so offline play is a no-go. PS4 and PC gaming will hold a separate smaller closed beta tests.

Joystiq no longer scoring games

In what I think is a smart move from Joystiq, they’ve decided to no longer score games. Among the reasons, software deployment issues at the release and updates that can completely change the usability of a game.  Instead they’ve added a nifty summary called “In Other Words” to the end of their full length reviews.

Princess Bride Official Game promos_multi-steelThe Princess Bride game available on iOS

That’s right the official game available in the Apple AppStore lets you bash eels, climb the Cliffs of Insanity and more. It feels a little kids movie cartoony, but with free updates, it sounds like fun if you have $4 to spare. Movie Night showing game films and documentaries

You might be surprised at how many documentaries I watch, so’s movie night sounds like a fun Friday afternoon to me. Each film will air at approximately 2:15pm PST at and will feature live chatting with the respective filmmakers. The LGBTQ gamer documentary, Gaming in Color, is scheduled for February 6, so if you haven’t seen it yet, this could be your chance!

Lanterns the Harvest FestivalLanterns: The Harvest Festival to be co-published by Renegade Game Studios

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival became a Kickstarter hit at the end of 2014. Since then, the game has made it to BoardGameGeek’s list of most anticipated games and been accepted into the 2015 Mensa Select Mind Games Competition.


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