Time to start fresh with all the gaming goodness 2015 has to offer. This week’s news regarding women and diversity in gaming is looking up.

Forbes 30 under 30 logoForbes 30 Under 30 in Games

Forbes released their 30 Under 30 in Games list and I’m happy to report that 8 of the 30 are women. And not just women in marketing games, but women who are directors, designers and <gasp> programmers. Rock on, ladies!

Intel pledges $300 million for diversity

After getting caught up in last year’s #gamergate debacle, the company is investing not only in its own diversity, but will invest efforts to get more women in the games industry.

Disney's Duck Tales The Quest for GoldAlmost 2,400 MS-DOS games available to play for free

I hope you love chip tunes! Take advantage of the work software curator Jason Scott has done making a browser-based emulator to play these games. The list may make me feel a teensy bit old with titles like Oregon Trail, Dragonlance, Prince of Persia, and Duck Tales.


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