If you love H.P. Lovecraft and have been looking for a Spanish language tabletop RPG, then Cthulhu Wars En Español might be the next Kickstarter for you.

The Cthulhu Wars En Español Kickstarter is a simple concept make a Spanish language version of the Cthulhu Wars tabletop game. The game created by Sandy Petersen, best known for his work on the popular Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG set in the H. P. Lovecraft universe. The English edition of Cthulhu Wars funded in 2013 at 3500% of the original goal. In December, a French version of the game fully funded but its Dutch counterpart campaign was cancelled.

Cthlulu Wars game layout

Why a Spanish edition? Per the Kickstarter page, “We we are located in Texas, where the English and Spanish languages ​​have been side by side for centuries. Also, my wife (Despite being 100% American), spent his early education in Chile, where Spanish was his first language. More importantly, we have had great support from Spanish-speaking fans, and we would like to help.”

Outside of loving the Elder Gods, what really intrigues me about this Kickstarter is the use of crowdfunding to help create more language diverse games. Personally, this is the first set of game translation campaigns I’ve seen and I’m excited about the possibilities.

Backer reward levels are straightforward as well with only three levels from non-retailers The $25 level is a pack that allows you to play your existing English version of the game in Spanish, the $150 level includes the base game in Spanish and the $525 level for the Spanish base game and English expansions (unless Stretch Goals are reached to translate those as well.)