Game image of Fight as Bruce LeeBruce Lee: Enter the Game

Alert, alert! I need this game! Somehow I missed it during my Thanksgiving weekend food coma, but 2 million downloads can’t be wrong. Downloading it right… NOW. Arcade-style Bruce Lee action is available on iOS and Android devices. Thank goodness!

Joe Kowalski’s Impossible Games

He was asked to participate in an art show and ended up creating a beautiful impossible board game experience. It’s not clear how much he knew about the project’s background or motto “Ideas become artifacts become stories,” but it’s clear to see that Joe’s concepts fit the bill. I want to look at these photos all day!

Video still 25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male

The newest video released by Feminist Frequency, based on an article by the producer of the Tropes vs Women in Video Games web series. Since men are talking about it, will it be taken more seriously than when it was just women?

New study: Girls wrote more complex code for video games than boys

A group of 12 – 13-year old students spent eight weeks developing their own 3D role playing games as part of the University of Sussex study. I’m always a leery when the sample size is small (this study had 55 participants), I am intrigued and do hope someone expands on it. Bonus points: you can download a copy for yourself and it’s available for license under Creative Commons Attribution.

A short small game about spanking the heck out of some dude

Indie developer, Robert Yang  wanted to explore the “kindness coins = sex cutscene” trope in video games and make a game for the Leap Motion Game Jam. It’s a sex-positive take and introduces players to how BDSM communities attempt to formalize consent and caring. Although not 100% NSFW (there are boxers and butts images), use your own discretion before hitting the link.