Struggling with what to get the gamer in your life for Christmas? Have no fear! WWAC Games Editor, Al Rosenberg, is here to help!

gaming gift guide banner christmas1. Games

This is the obvious one. What do the gamers in your life love the most? What makes them gamers? The games! If you know what they like this is really the best route to take. There have been several great releases in November with more to come in early December.

Never Alone by Upper One Games/CITC Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), a for-profit subsidiary of Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Never Alone for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Some Suggestions:

2. Jewelry and Clothing

Gamers love jewelry, it makes their fingers pretty as they roll dice, their wrists shimmer as they shake their controllers angrily, and their necks glint as they role-play in abandoned parking lots. Clothing is required in most group settings, so gamers who enjoy in-person multiplayer events will need some, and solo gamers need at least a shirt to make it through the drive-thru window for dinner.

Bioshock vigors bracelet by DianaJewelryDesign on Etsy

Bioshock vigors bracelet by DianaJewelryDesign on Etsy

Some Suggestions:

 3. Books and Novelizations

I believe that everyone is secretly a reader at their core, they just need to find the right book. A lot of great video games require quite a bit of reading, and I encourage my younger brothers to pick up gaming as a way to get them to read. Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation Hardcover – May 13, 2014 by Blake J. HarrisFor the reading gamers in your life, there are many books about games and gaming, as well as novelizations of many games.

Some Suggestions:

4. Game Geekery

Chain Mail Gaming Dice Bag on ThinkGeek

Chain Mail Gaming Dice Bag ($9.99 USD on ThinkGeek ships to many countries)

My room is filled with stuff. I love stuff. There’s no purpose to “things” other than to look cute and remind me of the best parts of video games I have enjoyed in the past. There are also practical geeky things like bowls, light switches, curtains, and rugs. Everything can be geeky if you try hard enough.

5. Gift Cards or an Audience

When it has drawn close to the holiday time and your gamer is too picky to shop for, a gift card is the perfect choice. You can purchase gift cards for Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Nintendo eShop, Steam, many websites that carry video game paraphernalia, and video game boutiques like GameStop. Gamers who game online also appreciate subscriptions to their services (Xbox Live, PSN, BattleNet, etc.)

Personally, I appreciate when people just want to sit and play with me or watch me play as I explain the ins and outs of my favorite games.