To the complete surprise of anyone who refuses to acknowledge the superiority of goats over all of their four-legged brethren, Goat Simulator will be adding an MMO expansion simulator* to its ground breaking game on Thursday, November 20th. This will let you play as goats alongside your imaginary friends as you explore the pleasures of perching on tall roofs, knocking into all the things, and showing those sticks who’s boss.

Different kinds of goats! White goats, grey goats, battle goats, mangy goats, goats wearing hats! There is a goat with a fishing pole strapped to its back that you can use to snare creatures and whirl them around your head! Do you even understand this amount of awesome? Because I’m not sure I can, and I love goats.

digital comics museum. Baffling mysteries 005

It looks like there will be a variety of landscapes to interact with as you and your imaginary friends enact all of your fondest dreams of being a roving trip of goats. There’s a fantasy village where you can pull carts, lovely forests to frolic in, and a beachy area complete with palm trees. There’re all the dumb-looking humans you could ever want, standing there and letting you plow ass-first into them. They’re completely oblivious as you sail past, moving inexplicably on your straightened hind legs in a manner that should not work, but hey. You’re a goat.

Watch this trailer and tell me it doesn’t make you want to play as a goat. Best of all, you can now get your goat on with either Mac or Linux.


* Edited to reflect that the MMO download is a simulator only. For now, we will have to dream of playing goats together.