In 1946, you return from the front as an established war correspondent. Something fishy is happening in Washington D.C. and you intend to get to the bottom of it. You didn’t think getting to the truth would be easy with so many powerful people involved, but what you hadn’t expected was is that most obstacles being thrown your way have less to do with the case and more to do with the fact that you’re a woman.

Word Are Power DialogueIn the Words Are Power Kickstarter campaign from Studio T. Game designer Thiéry Adam and writer Emilie Villeneuve, aim to create a word-based puzzle game. The plot & characters are based on academic research assembled for the project.  The gender issues can more easily be highlighted in the historical context, but remain no less true today.  Each episode has you explore a specific facet and asks you to make hard choices on how you want to face it.  There is no right or wrong answer, and you get to see your choices affect the story.

The game’s plot is divided into “seasons”, with a larger story arc evolving through a series of “episodic” cases.  Your choices affect the ending of each episode, and the collected impact of those choices affect the season climax.

Backer rewards start at $2 CAD (~$1.76 US) for a thank you and digital wallpaper, and go to $1,500 CAD (~$1,318 US) for the Editor level which allows you to spend the day with the writing team. At the $35 CAD (~$31 US), backers get early access to the game.