With women in gaming on the rise, student researcher, Jennifer Allaway, is exploring players’ wants for diversity in games and games developers’ understanding of that desire.

She’s assessing that gap using two different surveys to create a case study, one survey is aimed specifically at consumers and one aimed specifically at developers. If you are a consumer and would like to participate in Allaway’s research, you can fill out the short 21-question player survey here.

Already a veteran presenter at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Jennifer is hoping to include this research among other topics for a GDC 2015 talk. She plans to present her findings alongside Sheri Graner Ray, owner of Zombie Cat Studios and author ofGender Inclusive Game Design–Expanding the Market, at GDC 2015.

For GDC 2014, she co-presented with Brandon Sheffield on Sexism and the Video Game Industry covering topics such as Booth Babes and Conferences, Glass Ceilings and Pay Discrepancies. The complete session is available to watch in the GDC Vault.