Women professionals in the tabletop game industry have come a long way in the last 10 years, but there’s still work to be done. A new book of essays wants to shed some light on the opportunities, struggles and tips in the Kickstarter of the Week. 

According to the Kickstarter for Girls on Games: A Look at the Fairer Side of the Tabletop Industry, Elisa Teague wants to create a book for both men and women to “engage, entertain, and educate both seasoned gamers and game-makers as well as novice game inventors.” Working in the industry herself for 15 years, she’ll be joined by 10 other women in the industry, such as Kristin Looney, CEO of Looney Labs (publisher of Fluxx) and Rebekah Zetty, Director of Operations for Playroom Entertainment (publisher of Killer Bunnies.) If stretch goals are met, more authors will be added.

Topics included in the advice for women on overcoming challenges women face in this field, advice for men on how to make inclusion a reality and why games are important for girls.

Backer rewards start at the $10 level for a PDF copy of the book and run to the $150 level for a consultation over coffee provided you can get yourself to LA or meet at one of the specified conventions. A limited backer reward level of $100 gives you the chance to share your personal story in the book.