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Childhood Drawings, Telmo Pieper

Childhood Drawings, Telmo Pieper

Artist Recreates His Own Childhood Drawings 20+ Years Later

Dutch Muralist Telmo Pieper is using Photoshop to turn his childhood drawings into eye-catching, sometimes realistic, digital art. The proportions are sometimes bizarre and alien, but Pieper keeps it from slipping into the grotesque with clean colour palettes and commercial art restraint. Many of these images look like they could be used in an ad campaign, well, an ad campaign that’s a little twisted. He also manages to retain the charm of childhood art by superimposing those original sketches on the new images — so rather than “improving” on his original art, he’s reinterpreting them.

— Megan

10 Mesmerizing Illustrations That Prove GIFs Are Art

Well, ok Mashable. I’m not sure that we needed to “prove” that GIFs are, or can be, art, but these are some fun ones. GIFs are a file type and a medium, one where art, journalism, and advertising are all possible. #notallGIFs But “new media” arts is a subject I’m always down for discussing; how new technologies and medias appear, become commonplace — ordinary tools instead of exciting technology — and then become art. And in this case, we’re grooving on the minimalist, origami GIFs of Daryl Alexsy. It’s paper, it’s architecture, it’s commercial design, it’s a GIF, it’s aaart.

— Megan

A Gorgeous, Disorienting Videogame Designed by Architects

Over at Wired, Liz Stinson has brought to our attention a new game currently campaigning on Kickstarter. HomeMake ” takes you inside a glowing, sprawling world with the express purpose of exploring its architecture and winding streets. Traditional game play exists in the form of puzzles and getting from point A to point B, but by and large the point of HomeMake is to simply observe your surroundings.” It is in fact ridiculously pretty and endlessly fascinating. For the “games can’t be art” crowd, attention, attention, you are wrong.

— Megan

Scout by Greg Opalinski

Scout, Greg Opalinski

Have you seen this guy’s art? I saw this on http://bikiniarmorbattledamage.tumblr.com/ and immediately went Pinterest crazy. I’ve probably see his art before in Paizo Publishing’s books, but it’s so great to see women warriors with serious attitude, realistic armor, and style that doesn’t conform to traditional beauty standards. More women warriors with scars and half-shaved heads, please!

— Sarah

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