Jessica Goldsmith wants to try something ambitious and use 3D printing to create braille-friendly dice for the visually impaired. For those who don’t play role-playing games, dice are a big part of the experience. The anticipation of rolling your dice to see if you’ve succeeded or taken critical damage is a big part of the fun. Many players have their own collection of dice in different colors, styles and materials. But at the moment there really aren’t many good options for those who are visually impaired.

Braille dice RPG KickstarterThe RPG dice for the visually impaired Kickstarter campaign was inspired by Jessica’s friend and fellow member of her weekly gaming group, Bekah, who needs someone else to read her dice for her.

Jessica chose 3D printing because mainly to keep the price accessible as well. “Yes, 3D printing is NOT always perfect, but injection molding is SUPER expensive, and people who have tried to kick-start braille dice like that have always come short, so I wanted to do something cheap enough to actually make the funding goal for.”

Backer rewards mainly consist of different dice packages but she’s also offering backer reward levels with the sketchup and STL files that will allow backers to 3D print their own dice. Unfortunately, delivery is expected after January 2015, missing the holiday season.

Interested in other resources for disabled gamers? Check out the AbleGamers Foundation and the Game Accessibility Project