GYGO: Resident Evil 3, NieR Replicant Remastered, and More

In this week’s gaming news: a whole bunch of upcoming releases, including Resident Evil 3, some NieR games, and even some Mario remasters!

March Roundtable: Crafting in Games

The Sidequest team thinks through crafting in games, both video and tabletop, and where it does and doesn’t work for them and why.

At Home with the Ghosts: Kentucky Route Zero’s Reworking of Capitalist Space

Cardboard Computer’s travel poem Kentucky Route Zero asks us to remember what capitalism has taken, and reminds us of the stories that its ghosts can tell.

Here Lies the Abyss, Hawke, and Me

Hawke—Amina Hawke, in my case—is everything I’ve ever wanted to be. Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “Here Lies the Abyss” was devastating.

GYGO: Animal Crossing Is Out, What More Is There To Say

Animal Crossing is out! A lot of other things happened this week too, but really, Emily Durham just wants to talk about Animal Crossing.

Review: Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards is Fast-Paced Fun for Young Mystery Lovers

Can Agatha Christie’s Death on the Cards spin a compelling mystery? Maddi Butler is on the case.

Review: Dungeons 3 is Amusing, if Unoriginal

Is Dungeons 3 a good game or a bad game? We aren’t sure, but its uncanny resemblances to Warcraft and Diablo mean it’s certainly a game, if nothing else.

Review: Create a New World and Do it Over (and Over) Again in Mythic Ocean

Mythic Ocean is a beautiful, enticing game about new gods and reborn worlds… but Elvie Mae Parian wonders if the cute story makes up for clunky play.

Review: Dream Detective is Cute Eye Candy But Suffers from Mobile Fatigue

Dream Detective is a delightful, if not particularly innovative, hidden object game, but its barrage of ads can make it hard to keep playing.

Review: Simulacra 2 Is More Silly Than Spooky, But Still Intriguing

Simulacra 2 is an intriguing investigative FMV game that has players digging through a dead woman’s phone, but its narrative sometimes slips into silliness.

How Playing Notpron In 2005 Helped My Programming Career In 2017

Notpron wasn’t just good for killing hours at the computer in high school: it also helped build Jamey Hampton’s confidence in their eventual career.

Greenlight This, You Cowards: Roll to Fall in Love with Dames and Dragons

Alenka Figa shares the reasons why the Dames and Dragons podcast would make an incredible dating sim. Roll to fall in love, indeed.

‘The Night in Question’ Raises Questions About People and Predators

Jameson attends Jackalope LARP’s second ‘The Night in Question’ event and finds that being a vampire brings some unexpected but wonderful responsibility.

Crush Crush CRUSHED! A Postmortem

Melissa Brinks and Nola Pfau come to terms with the terrifying reality that they each spent over a year on Crush Crush. It could have been worse?

Creating a New Normal: A Recap of the Game Devs of Color Expo 2019

Elvie Mae Parian recaps this year’s Game Devs of Color Expo, including some of the wonderful games exhibited at the event.