GYGO: D&D, Star Wars, Data, and Weed

In this week’s gaming news, we have D&D selfies, some data on the gaming industry’s happiness, and what happens when you try to advertise a game about weed.

Dragon Age’s Isabela is a Catgirl (Kind Of)

Following up a tweet by Dragon Age veteran Patrick Weekes, Angie Wenham discusses all the reasons that Isabela is, in fact, a catgirl.

Spyro Reignited is a Joyous but Troubling Trip Through Childhood

Naseem grew up playing Spyro and has a lot of feelings about the Reignited Trilogy. Unfortunately, not all of them are great.

The Top Ten Worst Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3

Azha Reyes rounds up the most infuriating of Kingdom Hearts 3’s Lucky Emblems.

GYGO: BotW VR, Assassin’s Creed Vikings, and BioWare’s Anthem Woes

In this week’s gaming news: the problems with BioWare’s Anthem, Breath of the Wild in virtual reality, and hints of the assassins to come.